Tressie Lieberman: Marketing for Start-ups & Going Beyond Expectations | #34

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Today’s guest is Tressie Lieberman. Tressie is a rising leader in the marketing world. She is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at the start up Snap Kitchen charged with taking the brand to the next level. She was formerly at Taco Bell and Pizza Hut leading their digital efforts and well known social media campaigns. Her professional journey reveals her ability to scale the corporate ladder while maintaining a focus on the importance of leadership.
“A lot of times as a leader you don’t even realize the impact that you’re having on can make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.” Click To Tweet

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Tressie says you have to know who you are and be confident in it.
When Tressie was first appointed to leadership role, she tried to be like other leaders. She eventually learned it was better to be herself. It took her a long time to truly embrace her own style, and it’s still a work in progress.

Is it possible to become a better leader by copying another person’s leadership style?
What can leaders do to be more comfortable with their own styles?

Tressie is passionate about future female leaders. She encourages them to be curious and passionate. You shouldn’t wait to be asked, instead, take initiative and go for it. Be vocal about your career goals. Spend time on self-development. Don’t worry about what you’re not great at, just lead into your strengths.

In your own career, do you think you are vocal enough about your goals?
If you invest in future female leaders, what will your organization gain?

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