Carol Loomis, Trailblazer in Financial Journalism | #35

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Today’s guest is Carol Loomis. Carol is one of the best Financial Journalists of our time. Her six-decade career with Fortune Magazine began in 1954 as a researcher until her retirement in 2014 as Fortune Magazine’s senior editor at large. Along the way, she blazed a trail for women journalists, wrote a famous article about Alfred W Jones that coined the term “hedge fund” and became close friends with a little-known Omaha investor named Warren Buffett.
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Carol gives the following advice to aspiring female leaders:
• Run your division or organization with the same rules men use.
• Find a mentor.
• When taking on a new initiative, learn as much as you can.

Which of these is most important for an aspiring female leader?

Because Carol had a family and a career, balance was really important. Having a great caregiver helped tremendously, but Carol recalls coming home after work and preparing dinner. Summers were more difficult. She went to her boss and asked for 3 months off a year, and fortunately he agreed.
Overall, Carol found a good balance, but juggling work and home was hard. People don’t give enough credit to women who work.

How does an imbalanced schedule affect you?
What are some ways you find balance in your work and home life? Or do you need to reevaluate your situation and make adjustments?

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